Traditional banks don’t address the loan needs of trusts, estates, conservators, and non-traditional borrowers.



We work hand-in-hand with attorneys to create liquidity for Trusts, Estates and Probates


About HCS Equity

For more than 15 years we have used our own capital to provide trustees, beneficiaries, administrators, trust and estate attorneys, fiduciaries,  guardians and conservators specialized financing. We are focused on being a financial resource for trusts and estates experiencing liquidity shortages,  and specialize in loans for the purposes of equalization and distribution to take advantage of the property tax savings under the Proposition 58 and 193 exclusion from reassessment.

We work directly with the trustee or executor of an estate and/or their attorneys to quickly create liquidity, in order to solve financial problems and to fund buyouts of heirs and other beneficiaries. We can help provide emergency funds, stop foreclosure, or almost any other conservatee need such as taxes, medical expenses, property repair/rehabilitation, or disposition.

As each estate has particular needs, we work to customize specific solutions that best fit the situation.

trust loans for beneficiaries

What Makes HCS Equity Different?

Our business is driven entirely by referral, and when you call, it rings directly to our cell phones. Unlike many other companies, you are speaking directly with the final decision makers, as every transaction funds with our personal capital and that of a small investor group. While we can lend on both large and small transactions, we intentionally keep the business personal and believe that old-fashioned human contact is the best way. We are conservative, old-fashioned lenders operating out of Carmel Valley, California.

Looking to get started?

Call us today if your attorney has advised you to seek out a 3rd party loan to preserve your parent’s or grandparent’s Proposition 13 tax base. We are a direct lender, which allows us to make quick approval decisions, and provide funding in as little as 7-10 days.

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